We’re not a traditional search firm

Uniquely, we blend our own experiences as successful entrepreneurs with the experience of recruiting key talent for other people’s high growth companies. We empathise. It’s tough to find great people who fit. Fortunately, we’ve found a way that works.

01 Board Services

The Taga TRIBE network of independent Chairs, NEDs, Board Advisors, Mentors, Coaches and Interim Managers and Consultants provide advisory support to owners, founders and entrepreneurs of high growth companies.

02 Executive Search

Through our retained search practice, we help you rigorously define the role requirements before identifying, attracting and securing game-changing executive talent – at speed.

03 Professional Search

Mid and senior level stars are incredibly busy and are already well rewarded. They don’t have the time or motivation to search for a new opportunity. So, we take your opportunity to them.

04 Project Recruitment

Recruiting multiple hires, all at once, can often feel like herding sheep. We keep today’s projects on track. whilst building a pipeline for tomorrow.

What you can expect from working with us

We’ve developed a unique approach to hiring star talent through both our own experiences and those gained from working with other owners, founders and entrepreneurs of high growth companies – people just like you.

We start by really digging into the detail of how the “need” has come about and what your hopes and expectations for the role are – truthfully. We challenge and stress test your thinking, investing time to understand your culture and what “fit” looks like to you. We work to craft your “story” – news of your success may have not yet reached the target candidate population. Only then do we start using our design thinking approach to figure out who the ideal candidates might be, where they are now, and how we might reach them. After rigorous assessment, aided by the very latest technology, we’ll present a shortlist of candidates. At that point, feel free to use your gut instinct – we will have already taken the risk out of the situation.