No more sleepless nights

Our Consulting Team provides the pill that takes away the talent headaches that keep our clients awake at night. Whether it’s working with you to plan the future or reacting to today’s critical issue.

01 People & plans

We’ve seen loads of ambitious business plans without so much as a footnote to how the necessary talent will be resourced in line with growth forecasts. We create plans to ensure you are able to hire the right people, just when you need them.

02 Scarce skills

The individuals with the skills you seek can be hard to find. Particularly, if you’re looking in the wrong place. We work out who they are, and where they hang out.

03 Culture & fit

Your culture is hard to explain, but it is so powerful. We help you define and articulate your culture, allowing you to maintain and evolve it, even during periods of rapid growth.

04 Rewarding growth

Key people reward plans can turbo charge growth – but only if they push the right buttons. We are all different. We help you learn how.

05 Elephant in the room

People problems are often sensitive, sometimes emotional, always difficult. You procrastinate. The problem goes away, then comes back. We fix it.

06 Talent for exit

It can be hard to reconcile that the more irrelevant you, the owner, become, the greater the value of your business. Becoming irrelevant takes hard work and patience. We show you how.

What you can expect from working with us

Talent related challenges often present the most significant barrier to growth. Our approach to talent consulting is centred around creating solutions based on real life experience, rather than more traditional, orthodox theory.

Importantly, we work at speed. Your business is moving fast and the challenges you face can evolve quickly, disrupting your plans and derailing growth. Where critical challenges exist, you will find us pretty direct. We need to be. Quickly identifying the root cause of the problem (often not where it seems) is of paramount importance, if we are to move swiftly to ease the pain.